Bursa Grup Turu

All Tour Keys Aerial view of Grand Mosque of Bursa

Bursa Grup Turu

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Bursa, Türkiye

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Hafta İçi Her Gün

Join a small group of families on a daily excursion, available in both summer and winter, with a specialized tour guide fluent in Arabic, English, and Turkish. The journey commences at around 9 am as we head to the Asian section of historic Istanbul to board a sea ferry and embark on an enjoyable cruise across the Sea of Marmara, arriving in the serene and green city of Bursa.

On the way to Bursa, we’ll be treated to a stunning road trip that winds through green mountains, rural villages, and breathtaking scenery. Upon arrival, our adventure begins with a visit to the historical tree, one of the oldest and largest trees in Turkey, followed by a chance to experience honey beekeeping. We’ll then have lunch at the summit of Uludag Mountain, where we can indulge in various activities, depending on the season.

After enjoying the peak of Uludag, we’ll descend by taking the world’s longest cable car ride, which will bring us to the city center. Here, we’ll visit Bursa’s historic landmarks, including an ancient mosque, and shop at the popular local markets. As the sun sets, we’ll return to Istanbul or choose to participate in an extended tour of Bursa with a private driver, visiting additional locations as desired.

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